How to compare the technical performance of S. marcescens endonucleases such as DENARASE & Benzonase?

How to compare the technical performance of S. marcescens endonucleases such as DENARASE & Benzonase?

Endonucleases are widely used in the manufacturing of viral vectors for cell and gene therapies. BioPhorum recently highlighted an industry challenge: How to compare the technical performance of Serratia marcescens endonucleases such as Benzonase® and DENARASE®?
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Unified endonuclease release standards would allow viral vector process developers to design more robust processes, secure raw material supply, reduce costs and ultimately bring therapies faster to patients!

We generated a set of comparison data to facilitate the comparison of process-relevant parameters such as enzyme activities and concentration. Reach out to our DENARASE® expert team if you are interested to discuss the data!