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Vaccine Manufacturing

Enzymes such as DENARASE® endonuclease can be of great benefit for vaccine purification since they are available in large quantities at the highest quality level. Enzymes do not interfere with other molecules, which makes the process of developing urgently needed vaccines much faster.

Vaccines are intended to activate the human immune system against threats such as unknown viruses. The vaccines can be an inactivated form of the whole virus, an attenuated virus, or a part of the virus (antigen). More modern approaches even use viral vectors or directly introduce DNA or RNA in the body to express antigens in cells.

Endonucleases are used in a range of vaccine purification applications with various expression systems. Examples of processes with DENARASE® are:

  • Viral Vector Production, such as Adenoviruses and AAV’s
  • Viral Vaccines
  • Virus Like Particles

Treatment of cell lysates, before viral vector purification is one of the applications for which DENARASE® is often used. High DNA concentrations originating from the host cell can form aggregates with the product and cell debris, which leads to reductions in capacity of purification equipment. Addition of DENARASE® reduces the formation of aggregates, thus increasing the overall vaccine yield.

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